Forensic Genetics


On Forensic Research cases we use Forensic Genetics tools in the process of identification and genetic filiation. The main procedures are:

  • Documenting the entry of referential and skeletal samples, and assigning a chain of custody code.

  • An expert’s allocation of samples taken.

  • Reference samples are extracted, quantified and amplified.

  • Obtaining genotypes (genetic profiles).

  • Technical review.

  • Revision of kinship results from referential samples before its importation.

  • Interpretation of results from referential and skeletal samples study.

  • Admission to M-Fisys (Gene Code Corporation) of revised profiles.

The identification of victims is the final stage of investigation, during this stage the identity of a missing or deceased person is confirmed through the combined use of scientific methods from all forensic sciences.

In the FAFG we have an internationally accredited genetics laboratory, under the ISO 17025, OGA-LE-033-09.