Focus on Serving Families and Relatives


Attention to family members and relatives of disappeared individuals is a distinctive strategy of FAFG’s work. This consists of systematic follow-up to each of the cases, providing family members with information on the process. From the interview, to collecting the relatives genetic sample, to the identification of the victim. The desired final outcome is the delivery of the victims remains to their relatives for burial.

Within this line of action, the FAFG will prioritize the following activities:


  • Compilation of Life Stories for the FAFG’s Visual Stories Archive.

  • Meetings with family members to explain the processes.

  • Maintain contact with the researchers working the case.

  • Referential sample of their DNA sample and antemortem interview.

  • Return pertinent information back to relatives.

  • Coordination with social organizations of the victims relatives and their communities.

  • Reception and presentation of processes to families in the FAFG’s headquarters.

  • Carry out dissemination campaigns to obtain samples from interested individuals.