Forensic Academy

The Forensic Academy is a project developed by the FAFG in conjunction with the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC) and the Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR), as part of the Global Initiative for Justice, Truth and Reconciliation (GIJTR).

The Forensic Academy aims to build the capacity and share experiences with a group of activists and professionals to design and implement comprehensive forensic investigations and support programs for the families of the Disappeared in their countries, based on an understanding of their local context. In addition, it brings together the project partners and international participants, who work in various conflict and post-conflict environments, to promote an exchange of experiences with the different actors in the process, including forensic technical experts, family members, and prosecutors, as well as legal and psychosocial support.

Program Objectives

Increase the knowledge of activists, academics and professionals in the South, about forensic tools to locate and identify the Disappeared, with a focus on participatory and holistic interventions.

Establish and support a community-driven network of activists, academics, and professionals from the South, working on issues related to Disappeared persons.

Support Forensic Academy participants in undertaking community projects related to Disappeared persons.

Establish a mentor-apprentice relationship between the participants.

Forensic Academy Participants

  • Moussa Bourefis

    Moussa Bourefis

    Country: Algeria

    Organization: Meshaal Association for the Children of the Enforced Disappeared in Algeria.
    Project Summary: Create a temporary museum for forced disappearances in Algeria.

  • Zainab Rilwan Lobe

    Zainab Rilwan Lobe

    Country: Gambia

    Organization: Gambia Center for Victims of Human Rights Violations.
    Project Summary: Document forced disappearances cases and make the general public conscious of these cases, ensuring that the on-going transitional justice process in Gambia addresses these issues as a priority.

  • Hadja Asmaou Diallo

    Hadja Asmaou Diallo

    Country: Guinea

    Organization: AVIPA (Association des Victimes, Parents et Amis du 28 septembre 2009).
    Project Summary: Carry out home visits to the families of the Disappeared victims of the Guinea stadium massacre on September 28, 2009, and create a framework for dialogue and exchange between victims’ associations, forensic pathologists, and AVIPA.

  • Khurram Parvez

    Khurram Parvez

    Country: India

    Organization: APDP (Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons).

  • Hayder Jabrey

    Hayder Jabrey

    Country: Iraq

    Organization: Iraqi Civic Action Network (ICAN).
    Project Summary: Promote community awareness about enforced disappearances through workshops and provide psychological support to the families of victims of enforced disappearance. In addition, demand that the government create the files of victims of enforced disappearances in Iraq.

  • Hayder Jabrey

    Peter Kiama

    Country: Kenya

    Organization: Independent Médico-Legal Unit (IMLU).
    Project Summary: Dignify the victims of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial executions and address stigma through testimonies from widows, mothers and sisters of victims, and psychological support.

  • Martin Mavenjina

    Martin Mavenjina

    Country: Kenya

    Organization: Kenya Human Rights Center (KHRC).
    Project Summary: Expand understanding of the use of commemoration to shape social memory and facilitate justice for victims and survivors of mass atrocities.

  • Cindy Mansour

    Cindy Mansour

    Country: Lebanon/France

    Organization: ACT for the Disappeared.
    Project Summary: Process and enter information on the alleged locations of 170 graves in the ACT database and develop recommendations for the national commission on how to include families of the Disappeared during the forensic process.

  • Cindy Mansour

    Gloria Ballason

    Country: Nigeria

    Organization: Molluma Medico-Legal Center at House of Justice.
    Project Summary: Promote the admission of medical and forensic evidence in transitional justice.

  • Sonny Resuena

    Sonny Resuena

    Country: The Philippines

    Organization: Families of Victims of Involuntary Disappearance (FIND).
    Project Summary: Support the transitional justice process and counteract historical revisionism through memorialization, providing family and friends of the Disappeared with a safe space in which they can gather to remember and pay tribute to their loved ones who disappeared in the absence of graves and cemeteries.

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