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We invite you to join us for the webinar: “Pathways for Searching and Identifying the Disappeared”, commemorating 24 years of work at Forensic Anthropology Foundation of Guatemala – FAFG. With the participation of Rosalina Tuyuc, Conavigua National Coordinator; Marta Macz, Founder of Council of Mayan Women (Coban) and Fredy Peccerelli, FAFG Executive Director.

  • Date: Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

  • Time: 13:00 hrs (EDT, Washington D.C.) / 11:00 hrs (CST, Guatemala) / 17:00 hrs (CEST, Francia)

  • Free event, limited spaces, registration required

  • Available in English and Spanish

Meet the panelists

Rosalina tuyuc

Rosalina Tuyuc is a Guatemalan Maya Kaqchikel human rights activist and leader in the search for the disappeared, truth and justice. Her father and husband disappeared during the Internal Armed Conflict in Guatemala. As a result of this event, along with nine other women, Rosalina founded la Coordinadora Nacional de Viudas de Guatemala (Conavigua), an organization of which she is currently the National Coordinator. In 1995 she was elected as a deputy to the Guatemalan Congress and in 2004 she was president of the Comisión Nacional de Resarcimiento to investigate the crimes committed during the Internal Armed Conflict. In 2012, she received the Niwano Peace Prize in Japan, in recognition of her work in favor of peace and human rights in Guatemala.

Marta Macz

Marta Macz is a Maya Q’eqchi community leader. She is the founder of the Council of Mayan Women, North Region, Cobán, an organization with a 25-year history of working in Q’eqchí communities. In 1983 her brother, Otto Macz disappeared. By actively participating in the search tasks with the FAFG, he could be identified. She is also a co-founder and active member of different associations, councils and organizations dedicated to the promotion of the rights of Indigenous Peoples, women’s rights, community health, among others. She was the first woman and indigenous woman candidate for Mayor of Cobán. Due to her career in defense of rights and service to the community, she has been recognized as one of the ten most outstanding women in Alta Verapaz and received various awards, including the Monseñor Juan José Gerardi Conedera Human Rights Order of the ODHAG.

Fredy Peccerelli

Fredy Peccerelli has dedicated his life to upholding human rights and dignity through the application of forensic sciences since returning to Guatemala in 1995. Peccerelli is a founding member of the Fundación de Antropología Forense de Guatemala (FAFG, Forensic Anthropology Foundation of Guatemala). Today, as FAFG’s Executive Director, he leads the development and implementation of a Multidisciplinary Human Identification System to uncover the identity of victims of mass human rights abuses, and the truth behind their disappearance. In recognition of his expertise and decades of dedication to the search for the disappeared, he has received numerous awards and international recognitions, including 2008 Heinz R. Pagels Human Rights of Science Award, first recipient of the WOLA Human Rights Award, as well as recognized as Time Magazine and CNN’s 50 Latin American Leaders for the New Millennium.

Since 1997, we assist families in the search of their Disappeared loved ones.

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