The identification of Disappeared persons is possible thanks to the trust of families, who are the center of our work. Together we can bring truth, justice and dignity to more families.


More than 25 years applying forensic sciences at the service of life The search continues!
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These are the testimonials of families that have benefited from the work of the FAFG.

“Thousands of blessings for all those who made this reunion with my brothers possible. The organizations that managed to put an end to our suffering, that minimized our sadness… Now we have a place to bring them flowers and remember them. They are in a decent grave, not lying in the weeds.”

Judith Zamora

“They strongly supported us to be able to have our loved ones who were massacred in Las Dos Erres, Las Cruces, Petén. We are very grateful”

Julia Martínez

“Thank you for supporting our family. After years of searching, my grandfather could be given a dignified burial.”

Nora Sarceño

“My father was disappeared on August 13, 1982 in the village of San Miguel Flores, Petén. He was the only one missing from the place because we had just arrived to live there (…) Now they are helping me look for him through the FAFG. I hope to find it”

Saúl López

“Thank you for giving us an answer to the question we were asking… <> You gave us the truth and the truth set us free…”

Otto Ical

“Thank you FAG! Having at least the remains partly alleviates that pain. Thank you for your support and work for so many families. Hugs and blessings.”

Justy Ramos

Annual Report

We present our 2020 Annual Report! We continue to search for the
Disappeared and we hope to continue to find them. The search continues!

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