Assisting families since 1997 in the search and identification of their Disappeared loved ones

Arqueologo forense FAFG en exhumacion
Arqueologo forense FAFG en exhumacion
Arqueologo forense FAFG en exhumacion
Arqueologo forense FAFG en exhumacion

Forensic Anthropology
Foundation of Guatemala - FAFG

FAFG applies forensic sciences to investigate, search, exhume, and identify the victims of Guatemala’s Internal Armed Conflict.

Our work

We work to contribute to the search for truth, construction of justice and realization of Human Rights, through the application of forensic sciences. Our vision is to be a multidisciplinary network that is a global benchmark in the research and development of methodologies for the application of forensic sciences, in the search and identification of Disappeared persons.

Search for
the Disappeared

We have identified 3,800 people who disappeared during the Internal Armed Conflict in Guatemala.
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Coordination and communication with international organizations, counterparts, other partners and donors.
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It aims to train a group of activists and professionals to design and implement holistic forensic investigations and support programs for families of the disappeared in their countries, based on an understanding of their local context.
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FAFG assumes a commitment to the collective memory of the families and victims who have been its reason for existing and the motivation to carry out the interdisciplinary work of searching and identifying the disappeared persons during the Internal Armed Conflict.
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“Bones are good witnesses, although they speak softly, they never lie and never forget."

– Dr. Clyde Snow

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Make a report now to start the search for your family member who disappeared between 1960 and 1996, during the Internal Armed Conflict in Guatemala. The information shared is confidential.


Your donation through Friends of FAFG helps us assist hundreds of families in the search for their Disappeared loved ones.


Share this website with a relative or friend who needs this information, or who would like to join the cause.

Our impact

More than 25 years applying forensic sciences at the service of life The search continues!

Family DNA
Victims recovered in exhumations
Life Stories

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